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Let’s go back home.



Let’s go back home
where poetry awaits
where the sun is not dimmed
and the moon is not cold
where the forest don’t hiss
and the trees stand erect

let’s go back home
and drink from the sea
of musings and peace
and the little of our hope
that’s taken away

this is what we have-
the power we command
this very will- 
we wielded with our cards
this very votes- 
we casted under the sun

this is what we had
now taken away from us
in the nakedness of the day
by shameful few monsters

Let’s go back home Sisto
and erect our broken fence
let’s go back home and
build us another hope 
to open the doors of new dreams
let’s go back home to poetry
before the night comes and 
the moon refuse to show 
her glowing face


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