Poem: Awakened

For #PoeticWednesday
Theme: Domestic Violence
Title: Awakened

she kept quiet never cried foul
she was protecting her child like a black fowl
she was hooked in a nest with a rugged owl
she always stayed while he shouts and growl
she bears it as he kicked her while she crawl.

saw through
each other
as the love shine
through rain, sun and cold
but now they live in a gloomy desert with nothing left to call love.

saw pain
through his shadow
felt love
only when he forced her to bed
saw care
only through
the scars she got
she became a canvass of unhappiness
a statue of heteronomy and oppression
till it got to her vein and she couldn’t bottle it anymore
she left him, got refined and forgot everything 
that happened before
she got to the root of it and made a decor.

She lived again and
she told herself she still has hopes

A.B Wordsmith, 2016

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