1- Effective usage of social media applications to establish an online presence.

2- Establishing an offline presence through events like creative writing workshops for the young minds, poetry reading, boo chats and competitions, mentoring and tutoring of younger students, etc.

3- Publishing anthologies and magazines (annually or quarterly).

4 – Collaboration with other literary organizations to achieve our goals.

Short and long-term plans

Our short-term plan ranges from 2016 – 2020:

1- Amassing a social media following and presence.

2- Establishing a website and blog.

3- Tutoring and mentoring programs through lectures, seminars and workshops.


4-  Introducing the organization to important stakeholders in our communities.


Our long-term plan is from 2020 onward.

1- Having quarterly anthologies and magazines.

2- Organizing literary events.

3- Starting a publishing house

4- Establishing our headquarters and functional offices.

5- Creating a youth center for tutoring and mentoring.

6- Gaining international presence and recognition. 

Mode of operation

Poetic Wednesdays have a formal structure. The affairs of Poetic Wednesdays are overseen by a body known as the Poetic Wednesdays Crew. The management of the whole crew is overseen by the Founder, the Secretary General, the Public Relations Officer and The Social Media Director. The crew is made up of units, and each unit has a definite head overseeing the activities.