Who are we?

Poetic Wednesdays is a weekly, online poetry activity which draws across many budding poets from all parts of Nigeria and beyond. It was started to inspire creativity, exploring and showcasing young poets by giving them a platform to network and interact with other poets, helping them become better than they already are.

It deals with the use of themes; themes which directly are real and felt. Poets write passionately about societal issues that matter in the society and make their voices heard through poetry. Issues like Drug abuse, domestic violence, rape etc. have been written on. Poetic Wednesdays also dabble into other types of poetry such as Picture Poetry, Food Poetry, Duets, Poetic Fusion and many other types and styles of poems. Each month, three Wednesdays are allocated themes and the last Wednesday is theme-less, giving the bards freedom to write on whatever topic they want. A new activity, called Personality of The Month has been added in order to engage with emerging and established poets. This is aimed at acquainting the poets and creating a long, lasting relationship between them. It is highly educative, entertaining and enlightening.

It has evolved from a popular hashtag and has become a sensation in the hearts of people. This is because its heart-warming to see young people on social media effectively engaged, making good use of their talents and time learning, and not absorbed into the quagmire of hurling insults, posting banters and adding to the ethno-religious divide.

It all started on Facebook on the 4th of May, 2016. Currently, the Facebook Page has amassed 4,000 followers, and hundreds of people are active participants. It has inspired and motivated many to write, and to tap into their artistic prowess. It has also made poetry an art worthy of being dabbled in by young people in an age where social media have taken over. It is on track in breeding the new set of literary giants in Nigeria and Africa at large.

The popularity of Poetic Wednesday can be attested to the fact that it is generally encompassing; every poet is learning from one another. It welcomes and encourages everyone to write and submit poems. Another thing is that itโ€™s the first of its kind; an online literary movement founded and ran by youths. Its Northern Nigerian origins is also of big help to its popularity.